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Philocaly hair extensions:

(High quality Russian Hair)

Per bag 16”-18”: $200

Per bag 18”-20”: $250


Philocaly Hair Extensions Application:

(Installation of 1 bag of hair and blending)

New talent: $110

Level 1 stylist: $120

Level 2 stylist: $130

Level 3 stylist: $140

Level 4 stylist: $150


***$50 per extra pack install (all levels)


Follow up appointments:

(Removal & re-taping of Philocaly Extensions)

New talent: $160

Level 1 stylist: $170

Level 2 stylist: $180

Level 3 stylist: $190

Level 4 stylist: $200

Russian hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair, Malaysian Hair, Brazilian hair... With so many hair extension options available, we understand that it can be overwhelming to make a decision on what hair extension option is right for you. 


Fine Hair: 2 packs | Medium Hair: 2-3 Packs | Thick Hair: 3-4 Packs


Here at Philocaly, we understand that your 100% Russian human hair extensions are an investment. Fortunately, with Philocaly Hair, your investment will last a long time. Our premium hair extensions are of the highest quality and can last for over a year with proper care. 

Ahh, hair extensions! A woman's best accessory. Now that you have invested your hard earned cash into high quality Russian hair extensions, we want to ensure you know how to properly care for them! Hair extensions need TLC given they do not produce the oils that your natural hair does. 

Philocaly tape extensions are strips of clear, double-sided tape, which are attached to premium Russian hair. These 4 cm tapes are then sandwiched in-between sectioned pieces of hair to create a look that even the Victoria Secret angels would envy. 

Just when you thought silicone was reserved for breast implants, it has a way of sneaking into hair extensions. For what reason, you may ask? Many hair extension companies coat their hair extensions in silicone to disguise a low quality product. 

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