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Daniel Christopher Salon’s Creative Team strive to be the best at providing both cutting edge and classic haircutting and upstyle looks that will complement your individual image and lifestyle. Our philosophy is customized creativity. Our innovative team of stylists will create a look that caters for you and your lifestyle.



Our cancellation policy is to help compensate the revenue lost to the stylist and salon when less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel a lengthy reservation.

For new guests, we require a credit card number on file to reserve any 1.5+hr hair colour appointments. This is securely stored by management-accessed software only.


If a cancellation is made within 24 hrs of a 1.5+hr hair colour reservation, a deposit of $100 will be forfeited in fairness to the stylist and other guests trying to receive an appointment.

No credit card? We will require you to come in within 2 days of your appointment to drop off a deposit of $100.


A deposit is not required for haircuts, or express services.

Thank you for understanding that the time reserved is valued, and will be filled, given enough notice.



Daniel Christopher Salon’s stylists adhere to a progressive level system, in order to foster the best quality stylists and customer service agents possible.



When a stylist first starts at the salon, they are classified as a New Talent Stylist. This means exactly that, the newest and brightest talents to the hairdressing industry. All New Talent service providers are licensed cosmetologists who are participating in or have completed our advanced training programs and are honing their skills. New Talents consult with, and are advised by our senior stylists before, after and potentially during each service. 


LEVEL 1-2 

Level 1 and 2 stylists continue to hone their skills under the leadership and consultation of the senior stylists. Level 1-2 continue to take required advanced education frequently. 


LEVEL 3-4 

Level 3 and 4 stylists have consistently completed satisfactory evaluations of their skills, customer service, and completed the required amount of preliminary advanced classes. They continue to hone their craft and participate in advanced education, however also take on more leadership responsibilities within the salon. Their demand is higher and pre-booking further in advance is often required.

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