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Paige V.

Level 3 Stylist

  • paige v

Originally from Saskatoon, Paige moved to Regina to be one of Aveda's sought after stylists. She is bubbly, hardworking and is a good listener. She has over 4 years of specialization on blondes & balayages, as well as special occasion hair. She has assisted in many Surface professional photoshoots and has been included in the Top 30 Beauty Launchpad stylists. She loves travelling and looks into social media to spark her creative inspirations. She is currently taking as much Aveda classes as she can to keep herself current and equipped. "I love Aveda's Dry Shampoo. It gives me the perfect root boost throughout the day!"

Recent Education

Hair Styling Master Class, Allen Ruiz, 2019

Hair Styling Foundations 2, Kristjan Hayden, 2019

Hair Styling Foundations 1, Kristjan Hayden, 2019

Haircutting Master Class with Geno Chapman

Haircutting Foundations 2 with Morgan Roy

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