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Owner, Level 4+++ Stylist

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Chris Pritchard is an award winning hair stylist and entrepreneur. He is the co-owner of Daniel Christopher Aveda Salon, Co-Founder of Saskatchewan Fashion Week, and one of the top hairstylists in Regina, Saskatchewan. Chris has received international academy training in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and other cities across Canada. He is a two time Canadian Hairdresser Mirror Award Winner, receiving the Saskatchewan Hairdresser of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011. He is also a 2011 Aveda National Hairdressing Competition winner as well as a nominee for Saskatchewan Hairdresser of the year in 2012 for both Mirror Awards and the Contessa awards. Watch out for his newest project called HAIR+, an iPhone app for hairstyle trends with interactive software company - Shiverware. (Available now on the Apple App Store).

Recent Education

Hair Styling Master Class, Allen Ruiz, 2019

Hair Styling Foundations 2, Kristjan Hayden, 2019

Hair Styling Foundations 1, Kristjan Hayden, 2019

Hair Cutting Master Class, Geno Chapman, 2019

Hair Cutting Foundations 2, Morgan Roy, 2019

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